Eilat The Resort City of Israel!

There’s a reason why Eilat is often referred to as the Miami of Middle East. The place is renowned for its incredibly sparkling night life. Luxury resorts and hotels cuddling the coast and the lively street markets are sure to leave the travellers enchanted. Better yet, Eilat also offers an authentic palate of Israeli cuisine, culture and history.

Eilat, the southernmost city in Israel is eminent for its breath-taking combination of desert landscape, a gorgeous bay, and all year sunny weather.

With 360 sunlit days a year, Eilat draws visitors from far and wide. This popular resort town attracts over 2.8 million tourists each year who come for a vacation by the shores of the magnificent Red Sea. Indubitably, Eilat is one of the best destinations for rejuvenation which is guaranteed to offer a fascinating experience.

And the highlight is that all the key shopping centres, trendy bars and restaurants are just a hop, skip and jump from the beach.

Eilat City

Facilities & Amenities

Eilat is an energetic contemporary city and the only one on the shores of the Red Sea which offers an array of up-to-date amenities.

The city has easily accessible tourist information centres, post offices, banks, hi-tech hospital, and a wide assortment of venues for accommodating events and conferences. Additionally, the city’s airport offers daily flights to Israel and expedient conveyance services to Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and the Dead Sea.


The Red Sea - A Perfect Day Out

The stunning Red Sea and the city’s 10-kilometer shoreline is one the key attractions of the city for all tourists. The beaches are the finest spot for relaxation and sunbathing as the crystal blue cool waters offer a pleasant alteration from city’s dry air and high temperatures.

Water sports clubs spread all across the Northern and Southern coasts of the city, offering a variety of activities such as jet skiing, banana boating, tubing, kayaking, etc. are an absolute treat for sports fanatics and thrill seekers.

Scuba Diving - Dive into the deepest ocean!

Eilat is also well known as a fascinating diving destination, which caters to all new and experienced divers. There are over 10 diving centres and 20 diving spots offering a chance to explore the underwater marvels of the Red Sea.

Most of the diving spots are easily reachable from the shore, with the most popular destination being the world-famous Coral Beach.

With astonishing garden-like coral formations nurturing a horde of reef fish and invertebrate life, diving at this place offers a surreal and mesmerising experience.

At the southern end of the reserve, Eilat’s best protected site – “Japanese Garden” is located. The site is accessible to a limited number of divers to preserve the reefs.

Scuba Diving

Tax-Free Shopping – When in Eilat, go for shopping!

For shopaholics, Eilat is nothing short of an absolute delight as it is a V.A.T. Free city. This implies that several luxury items can be purchased at dramatically lower rates than other cities in Israel.

Mall Hayam, ideally placed at the heart of the city near the airport and promenade, hosts chain stores of well-renowned brands in Israel and the world. In addition, the mall also offers a wide selection of attractive cafes and restaurants where you can re-energize yourself to shop more.
Furthermore, there are local stalls and designer luxury shops along the promenade which offer a range of fashion items, trinkets, and toys. These can be found until the late hours of the evening.

The Dolphin Reef – Ideal Relaxation Therapy

An astounding and a one of a kind ecological spot where tourists can enjoy natural atmosphere, splendid views, a secluded beach and meet dolphins in their natural habitat. The Dolphin Reef fosters a colourful variety of tropical fish, green corals, and bottle-nosed dolphins.

From the wonderful floating piers and observation points, you can observe the dolphins engaging in their routine tasks such as playing, food hunting, and nursing their younger ones. For a more intimate experience, one can opt for guided swims, scuba diving, and snorkelling at an extra fee.

Around Eilat

North of the city lies the Southern Arava, a region of remarkable desert panoramas. This is indisputably one of the most recommended places to visit in Israel where you can experience nature and hike through the valleys and cliffs. The lofty and splendid mountains of the Eilat area offer splendid views.

Additionally, there are several routes and attractive sites to visit where you can enjoy hiking, cycling, driving, rock climbing, camel riding, and cliff rappelling to satiate your adrenaline rush.

The Arava – An adventure’s extravaganza!

Extending from the Red Sea to the Dead Sea, the majestic and lightly populated Arava Valley has some of Israel’s most splendid desert scenery. There are several natural spots along with archaeological and historical sites which make Eilat an ideal starting point for camel treks and Jeep tours.

The most enjoyable track in the region is the “Red Canyon” which is around 20 km from Eilat. The Red Canyon is approximately 150 meters long and 2-3 meters wide. The deep red sandstone has been moulded over several years by wind and water, transforming the canyon walls.

Additionally, there are several other adventurous hiking trails with varying difficulty. There are guided tours, including rappelling down cliffs, camel rides, quad bikes, and jeeps. Tourists can also avail guided tours to Egypt and Jordan.

Eilat Bird-Watching Park- Grab your binoculars and just go!

This remarkable Bird-Watching Park is a true representation of the eco-friendly city. Israel ranks second globally for bird migration routes, and its ideal position on the Great Rift Valley is regarded as a bird highway. During the migration season (mid-February till June), Eilat Ornithological Park attracts many bird enthusiasts from all over the globe.

Must See

The Botanical Garden

Placed near the northern border of Eilat, the botanical garden is a concealed spot of lush greens. An ideal place to escape from the scorching heat, this virtual Garden of Eden is home to rare plants from all over the world, waterfalls, a restructured stream, enticing walking tracks, seating areas, and bird sanctuaries. It’s key attraction – rain forest makes it an ideal place for a day out with family.


The Underwater Observatory Marine Park

Head to the underwater observatory for a veritable aquatic experience. Witness the hidden grandeurs through the glass wall of the observatory positioned 12 meters below the sea surface of the Red Sea. One must explore, one must also explore the fascinating complex comprising of Aquarium Museum, Turtle and Stingray Pool, Shark Pool, Reef Tanks, etc.

The Camel Ranch

Located at the Eilat Mountain Nature Reserve, the city’s Camel Ranch offers incredible treks and exhilarating desert tours, suited for people of all ages. Situated near the spectacular mountain landscapes, this ranch offers a marvellous experience of the desert.


The Wow Show

The WOW show is one of the most popular attractions in Eilat that one must not miss. The splendid performance runs in Isrotel’s Theatre. Based on a different theme each year, the show includes dancers, comedians, skilful artists from all over the globe. Astounding acrobatics, juggling, aerial arts with awesome soundtracks, and remarkable lights effects deliver a captivating experience to the audiences.

The Ice Park Shopping & Entertainment Center

It is truly a one of a kind shopping centre with an enormous dome structure containing several brand outlets, coffee shops, trendy bars and restaurants. The venue’s most prominent feature is an ice rink for fun activities like skating and performances.

The Ice Park & mall offers various attractions like fashion accessories, houseware, and home cooking bazaar. Children can explore the amusement complex which includes pinball games, bumper cars, video games arcade, and an igloo with artificial snow.

Culinary Scenes

Eilat has a lively culinary scene, with several authentic restaurants. Because of its ideal placement on the shores of the Red Sea, the town restaurants ensure the freshness of seafood. In addition, Eilat also has a wide variety of establishments offering varied cuisines including Asian, South American, Italian, Israeli, Mediterranean, etc.

Nightlife in Eilat

Eilat also offers dynamic experiences with its sparkling nightlife. The town has some of the best clubs, bars, and other fascinating entertainment venues that deliver cheerful and lively experiences. The pubs are popular among the locals and tourists as many bars offer live music and a huge assortment of cocktails.

Where to Stay In Eilat

As Eilat experiences huge inflow of domestic and international tourists, the city offers a range of properties suited for different budgets and styles of accommodations. The city has some of the finest luxury hotels on the beach side and also has comfortable pristine homestays near the Red Sea.

For budget-friendly options, there are several motels and guesthouses on the hillside offering private and shared rooms, while the residential streets feature a number of homestays.

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